It’s a new year, so it’s time to reorganize, refocus, and decide what to do for the upcoming year. I’ve found it’s better not to just put hopes, but an actionable plan that I can do. With that being said here’s my list

  • What: Read more and commit to not buying 1000 books.
    How: Read a few chapters a day and put time aside for it
  • What: Do more non tech things and meet non tech people
    How: Join a Choir and go do social dancing
  • What: Live on my own now that I have the money to do so
    How: Start looking for apartments and schedule time to go visit them
  • What: Get better at cooking
    How: Finish Salt, Fat, Heat, Acid and try experimenting. Have friends over more often for dinner.
  • What: Have a game night
    How: Have a set day for people to come over and hang out. Make it a regular thing
  • What: Write more articles
    How: Stop worrying about perfection and write one article a month
  • What: Make Zines
    How: Use Procreate to produce them and share them with others
  • What: Contribute to Rust in ways that don’t burn me out
    How: Project management and organization of other’s efforts
  • What: Do weird code experiments again
    How: When a weird idea strikes just do it
  • What: Travel to Japan
    How: Save and book the trip
  • What: Be an active not passive communicator
    How: Practice saying what I mean
  • What: Get back in shape
    How: Go to PT for my knee and shoulder, work out, and do something about the bone spur in my foot. Be consistent with working out
  • What: Go to therapy
    How: Find a therapist and go to them consistently, even when I feel good
  • What: Work on being able to love myself (because I hate myself a lot)
    How: Therapy, taking people’s compliments as they mean them and not how I perceive them, writing down the value I have and affirming it, and faking it till I make it
  • What: Go get checked out if I have ADHD/ADD
    How: Go to a Doctor to get checked out
  • What: Find a primary care doctor
    How: Find out who is taking patients that my insurance covers
  • What: Find a dentist
    How: See if my dentist takes my new insurance and if not find a new one
  • What: Be vulnerable
    How: Tell my friends what I like about them, have radical candor with those who hurt me, be forgiving, be better and open about my thoughts and feelings with others
  • What: Do. Don’t just complain
    How: If something upsets me create an action plan to fix it if I can, or put money/time towards something that is working on it

2019 is less about doing things but improving my quality in life by realizing my problems and doing something about it. I’m looking forward to this year and what I can do.